Jess Pendrey

Personal Trainer


I am a personal trainer working for Body Toning PT. I am able to work from a gym setting, outdoors or from peoples own homes. I use Bannatyne’s in my local area as a base for gym training and also instruct classes here, such as boxfit. I also run a class called sweat squad which is based outdoors.
My goal is to help you to achieve what you want from your body. This may be towards a singular purpose; such as completing a race, or helping you to gain overall body health through fitness. My aim is to enable you to succeed through all areas of your lifestyle by helping you improve body health and therefore mental health and confidence. It is my expert opinion that positive body health leads to positive mental health and therefore positivity in life.


Level 3 qualified personal trainer.
Qualified Nurse.
I have experience in hockey, netball, kick boxing and crossfit and would be willing to learn whatever needed to help train anyone in a particular sport.
I really enjoy teaching circuits using; kettlebells , skipping, battles ropes and boxing.
I have tried and tested any dietary advice I give on myself first.

Services and prices

Personal Training £25-40 (depending on location and time)
Group Training £30-60 (depending on location and time)
Group Classes £7 (unless booked in bulk in advance)
Running Buddy £10 (offers available for multiple bookings)
Adventure Run £20
Sport Specific Training £25-40 (depending on location and time)
Training Programme Design £20 initial £10 updates
Dietary Advice – negotiable

Areas covered and available hours

Folkestone, Kent





Twitter; @bodytoningpt

Instagram; @bodytoningpt


Phone; 07502373936