Oliver Finn

Personal Trainer


I offer personal training designed to suit your needs and availability. I have previously worked as a gym instructor and have access to local gyms for training but mostly carry out training outside or from peoples own homes.
My goal is to help you to achieve what you want from your body. This may be towards a singular purpose; such as completing a race, or helping you to gain overall body health through fitness. My aim is to enable you to succeed through all areas of your lifestyle by helping you improve body health and therefore mental health and confidence. It is my expert opinion that positive body health leads to positive mental health and therefore positivity in life.


I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer, level 2 gym instructor and group fitness instructor (holding specific certification for spin and kettle bells). Part of my background has been working within the confines of a gym where I helped many people develop their levels of fitness; reaching their goals, through one-on-one training or group classes. Whilst working in the gym environment I also had the opportunity to study how best to teach/instruct adults and build programmes for them and gained a certification in this.
I thoroughly enjoy most forms of exercise and have a personal interest and more expert experience in rugby, football, boxing, kick-boxing, karate, running (short and long distance) and to some extent swimming. In able to aid with training I would gladly learn more sports in-depth, I have previously tried yoga and pilates in order to do this. In addition to this I have arranged group challenges for those who have been under my tuition, taking one group to tough mudder and another to attempt the rat race dirty weekend; all achieved success and thoroughly enjoyed this, and I intend to arrange more. I am passionate about fitness and exercise and want to encourage and enable this to flourish in the people I train.

Services and prices

Personal Training £25-40 (depending on location and time)
Group Training £30-60 (depending on location and time)
Group Classes £7 (unless multiple bookings in advance)
Running Buddy £10 (packages available to reduce price)
Adventure Run £20
Sport Specific Training £25-40 (depending on location and time)
Dietary Advice – negotiable
Workout Plan £20 initial fee, £10 for further alterations

Areas covered and available hours

Ashford, Kent


Website; http://www.bodytoningpt.com

Email; contact@bodytoningpt.com

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/BodyToningPT

Twitter; @bodytoningpt

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Phone; 07596386483